Cursal: crosscut saw on the road

Busy loading day yesterday in Cursal s.r.l! After HOLLAND, it’s off to South America, specifically to BRAZIL – Paranà, with a 20 OPEN TOP container. It will be a long journey for this new TRV 2700 optimizer.

Ask for info by our dealers:

  • In the Netherlands:
  • In Brazil:

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Cursal: in sync with everyone

Happy Monday everyone!
Another sawmill with a new  Cursal s.r.l? Don’t be surprised!
We are in a company that starts with the cutting of the log and ends with the nailing of the packaging, through an automated system of sawmill machinery and nailing lines.
In this video, our Cursal plant works in perfect synchronisation with Dimec and Cml.
Good work Carlo and Patrizia!

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Cursal: customers come back

This company chose us, the first time, in 2018.
Since quality machines pay for themselves quickly… why not repeat the purchase in 2022?
We are located in the province of Padua, in a solid industrial reality from Veneto, which deals with the design of special industrial packaging, logistics. 11500 square meters of comfortable and functional area, for the storage of customers’ goods.
Our customer’s motto is “Packaging gives the first positive image of what it contains and of who sent it”

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Cursal: our customers’ crosscut saws are always evolving

It’s nice to Google our customer Wood Imballaggi located in Salerno, and see our cross cut saw (Cursal S.r.l. Woodworking Machinery TRSI 500 series) in photos! But are we sure this is still its current appearance?
To find out, let’s look at this photo from February 2022! Our affectionate Mr. Lettieri poses next to our technician Luca, satisfied near this new automatic loader, added to the pusher. No more effort in loading!!

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Cursal: art and wood

“The beauty of wood is unique: unique is the
concentric embroidery of the growth rings, unique is the
warmth…the extraordinary strength and durability of
wood can be appreciated by looking at the entrance to
the Basilica of S. Maria Novella in Florence.” This is
how our new customer defines wood, and we can only
agree. With this sentence we want to remind ourselves
our new installation in Turin. Thank you for choosing
Cursal s.r.l

Cursal: pre-test with our chilean customers

A busy day the 13.12.21 for our sales manager Samuele Curtolo and the technicians, who were busy with our customers who arrived from Chile specifically for the pre-test of their new plant.
The robust cross cutting saw machine with pusher, 12.5 hp motor and 600 mm blade, cuts compact packs of very wet murals, which will then be unloaded automatically to form ready pallets.
The industrial router will allow Cursal to remotely control the plant.
Thanks to our Chilean dealer Molimac Maquinarias for their collaboration.