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Cursal and Kami: a decade-long partnership

Many years have passed since the collaboration between Cursal s.r.l and you, our Russian dealers Ассоциация КАМИ, began. Samuele Curtolo has reached you many times in Moscow for the numerous fairs, you have visited us in Cursal with enthusiasm and seriousness, we had meals and spent some beautiful evenings together. With you we have built our largest optimizing cross cutting plant, and not nearby, but in distant Siberia. How much adrenaline!! Now your company turns 30, here we are, with a plaque made especially for you, to pay tribute to you and to congratulate you on all the work done so far and the successes achieved.

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Latest collaboration beetween Cursal and Scm

Cursal is specialized in high-level optimizing saws; Scm needs no introduction. Together we develop projects for demanding customers. In this post, the video result of our latest collaboration for a furniture manufacturing customer. The TRSI 4500E series Cursal push system saw is connected by a Cursal transfer to a Superset Scm moulder with automatic cycle. Note the study of the introducer to the Superset.

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How to do an acceptance test from Italy to the United Kingdom in this period? Organizing a live broadcast of about 40 minutes with a simple mobile phone and headphones. Practical, fast, economical and excellent. The machine worked tirelessly and the customer was fully satisfied. “Impressive execution” was the comment. Here is the video of the streaming
In this video Samuele Curtolo records and illustrates to the English group the operating cycle of the TRSI series cross cutting optimizer saw equipped with ACN 1, unloader with grips.
Special thanks to our dealer Kevin for the cooperation

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We are in 2021, after 29 years, this optimizer is still working. We will tell you more: these cross-cut saws are so robust, so high-performance, that it is still worth fixing them.
This TRVES arrived in Cursal directly from Romania to be reconditioned and to replace the old CNC with a new one.
Yes, you understand: a 2021 Cursal CNC works on a 1992 cross-cut saw.

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Cursal in Ukraine

A trip to Italy, the choice of a Cursal push feed optimizing saw, the return to Ukraine with the aim of enriching their young and ambitious company with a new modern, high-performance machinery. This is Woodexpo, a producer of approximately 660,000 m² of lamellas per year. We are proud to be part of your growth project with our optimizing push feed saw TRSI series to select the best oak wood that we know, you choose yourself.
Special thanks to Юля for helping us with this installation trip.

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Cursal in Romania

When you have up to 72 hours of stay in one state due to current restrictions, installation and training become a race against time. This is the case of our last job in the Cluj-Napoca area, which has just ended. Now a new Cursal is working in Romania!

See our new video
As often happens, in addition to technical reportage, our technicians like to immortalize towns, cities, local streets, this is Cursal too
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