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Cursal: pre-test with our chilean customers

A busy day the 13.12.21 for our sales manager Samuele Curtolo and the technicians, who were busy with our customers who arrived from Chile specifically for the pre-test of their new plant.
The robust cross cutting saw machine with pusher, 12.5 hp motor and 600 mm blade, cuts compact packs of very wet murals, which will then be unloaded automatically to form ready pallets.
The industrial router will allow Cursal to remotely control the plant.
Thanks to our Chilean dealer Molimac Maquinarias for their collaboration.

Cursal: flexibility and choice

You don’t necessarily have to buy a cross cut saw line all at once. We have all the experience to give our customers maximum flexibility and choice over time. Here’s our work this week before the holidays, at a Cursal s.r.l customer who decided to save time and labour by adding an automatic loader vacuum system to the existing cutting and unloading system (and already very efficient). What do you think, could this be a useful idea for you too?

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Cursal: installation in progress

The number of Cursal s.r.l push feed saws in Italy is increasing every month! In the last week before the holidays, our technician went to Legno in (Brindisi), a company in the windows and doors sector, which decided to optimise its production by purchasing a TRSI 8000 OL, also taking advantage of the 4.0 tax credit. Here he is with the very kind owner, after the installation.

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Cursal: we install everywhere

For 45 years we have been installing everywhere: in companies where it is necessary to reduce machinery due to lack of space, and in companies where the sense of direction is lost due to the vast production area. This is the case of last week, in Poland, where one of our technicians, from behind, fixes an immense empty space, where, shortly, a new Cursal s.r.l cross cut saw line will be operational.

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Cursal: we make things happen

“We are convinced that there are three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch them happen and those who marvel at what happens. Our company is made up of people of the first category….”. Cit. Cama website. Here there are our customers, those who always look to the future, who have grown with #Cursal cross cut saws since 1997, those who, in 2021, do not miss the purchase with the 4.0 Industry. In this post we pay a tribute to our client from Padua, for whom we have just finished, here in Cursal, the 4th cross-cut saw, with a new Industry 4.0 kit, and a very very high unloading belt for outside grinder.

Remember that you can buy with a 50% tax credit until the end of 2021

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Cursal: simply and practical transport

The beautiful sunny summer of today is the backdrop for a busy afternoon of transport in Cursal s.r.l! Destinations? France, Poland and Cameroon. We thought it was nice to capture the forklift which, with a unique simplicity, and at a certain height from the ground, transports the TRSI push optimizing saw in the truck. This is possible thanks the modular and monobloc structure of this machine which is practical to move, compact for space optimization and quick to install.

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Cursal and some special thanks

What can we say… we really have delightful customers all over Europe, gratitude is never a given. For example: our loyal Hungarian customer, who in 2017, on the occasion of the purchase of the first TRSI 500 push optimizing cross-cut saw, thanked us with a note.
In 2021, on the occasion of the second purchase, he decided to leave his mark, with this beautiful wooden plaque and a huge THANK YOU.
Thanks to you Mr Emese!! But… what does this customer produce? All kinds of packaging. So here is the winning choice to add this Cursal s.r.l push feed saw, top for packaging, to the production.

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Cursal in France with optimizing cross cutting machines

In this article we have the pleasure of finding one of our French customers: GPF LA FERMETURE BOIS. For its production of wooden closures it uses, for the cutting part, two Cursal optimizing push feed saws, equipped with printer and CN for the selection of quality and defects. The push feed saw is the most requested optimizing cross cutting machine in France, for more info visit the

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Cursal in Cameroon

Italian headquarters in Chieti, African headquarters in Cameroon, with over 70,000 m3 of wood exported all over the world, we are talking about one of the largest European companies that market African woods. This is the portrait of the new Cursal s.r.l customer for whom we have created two TOM 500 crosscut for sawmill.