KEYWORD = High speed

The technique, proven for decades in hundreds of copies around the world, consists in the wise way to control the boards, while maintaining the maximum cutting precision.
The TRACTION system (with a high strength and without priming parts) with specific PRESSURE WHEELS (rubbered and antislip at a reduced distance), guarantees speed, precision, and an uniform pressure on the entire surface of the board.

LINEAR GUIDES: with lubrication and an anti-dust system
PRESSING SYSTEM with an anti-splinter
• A steel BLADE with alternated teeth (Z=120)
• There’s the possibility to make a group of further speeded cut with a double pneumatic cylinder.

TRV 1200, TRV 1700, TRV 2000, TRV 2200, TRV 2700 are much more than standard machines, are the result of clever details that make a real difference in the long run, ensuring a type of quality-price-performance ratio without any comparison.