TRV 1200 Ø500

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Full optimizing with quality defects selection
– Defecting
– Fixed measures sequences.

• Optimized in an ultra – fast and intelligent way, and you will process the most various orders without any stress for the operators. TRV 1200 permits you to cut single rude/painted boards with continuous cycle in a practical and fuctional way.

• Once inserted the cutting lists by the touch-screen (or from the office) and selected the type of optimization you prefer, TRV 1200E operates autonomously:
– Inserting (*)
– Advancement and positioning
Instant data transmission to the CN and optimization processing
– Ejection of the pieces
Quality,lenghts, widths selection (*)
(*) check Cursal accessories

Maximum speed (it’s the fastest of its category, autolimited to 195 m/min with Brushless servomotor) and high accuracy are guaranteed by the synergy of a performance optimizer, an indestructible structurally body machine and an effective board control (matched to an exclusive motorized and precise belt by CNC/axes in pressure pneumatic wheels for a universal use).

• TRV 1200 is a synonymous of versatility, used for different processes from recoveries, the cleaning of the defects, or, use the optimizer potential for more specific and complex works, where a high level of software processing is required.

Software programmation:
More than 100 cut levels: lenghts x quality
• Choice of optimization: Per commercial value – Per waste pieces – Per quantity – Per lenghts – mixed optimization
• Optimization simulation
Monitoring of worked pieces
•  Internal body machine optimization: simplification of the process + space recovery

Advantages of a numerical controller:
• Industrial CNC computer: it guarantees working operations without stopping the production. (The PC it’s multilanguage and functional)
HD touch screen – Data import by USB
• Easy and intuitive software: Rapid learning – Easy to use
• Possibility of online tele-assistance

Standard technical data

Blade motorWorking height planAir consumptionMaximum speed
TRV 1200
Ø 500
self limited

Available cutting sections

cutting sections - TRV 1200

Some Solutions


The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without prior notice at any time