Cursal was born 40 years ago, producing semi-automatic cross-cut saws, projected to select and cut single and packs in small – medium– big sections. Which is the main difference between a semi-automatic and an optimizing cross-cut saw? The difference consists in the cutting impulse that is given from THE USER, and in the other one comes from an internal computer.

Factotum cross-cut saw:
WIDE USAGES. It can do all the semi-worked types of wood and assailable materials such as: window frames, out range of a large type of doors, skirting and buildings materials, packaging, and sawmill products.
MODULARITY: The TVM-TOM machines are so useful in every type of usage because of their big range of accessories and it can be used in many wood fields.
MOLTEPLICITY: This one, cuts soft/hard wood, profiled and non profiled, big boules boards, and products made with smooth surfaces.

CURSAL, WITH OVER THAN 3000 BUILT LINES EXPERIENCE, presents a NEW SERIES of semi-automatic faster cross-cut saws TVM-TOM
This ones are projected to ensure an incomparable quality-price ratio, and with the total compliance with the latest safety regulations.

ADVICE: The difference consists in the increasing cut section, from the TVM 400 with Ø 400 to the solution that combines the horizontal/vertical cut, handled by the TOM (this is a solution for the sawmills). So we advice you to begin from the cut section.