Cursal protagonist at Xylexpo fair: hall 22 booth F18-G25

After a four-year break, Cursal s.r.l will once again be a protagonist at XYLEXPO -Rho- Fieramilano exhibition center, from October 12th to 15th, 2022 at HALL 22, booth F18-G25.

Cursal: Tom for Lombard craftsmen

We greet you before the summer closing, with beautiful smiles of our customers posing in front of a newly installed Cursal s.r.l TOM 500. What more could we wish? We are at Rivadossi Annibale & C. Snc, based in Borno (Brescia), a sawmill with skilled craftsmen, engaged in the production of wood chipboard, roof construction and packaging. The repertoire of fine wood sawn is also wide, which includes a careful selection of lumber such as: fir, beech, walnut, cherry, ash etc. The customer is using a Tom 500 equipped with electronic stop, complete of  Industry 4.0 regulatory compliance declaration.

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Cursal: training for the Czech Republic and Slovakia

A full day of technical training in Cursal s.r.l with our dealer BRAS s.r.o. Operating in the Slovak and Czech markets, BRAS s.r.o. is active in the field of supplying technology, machinery and equipment for the woodworking and furniture industries.
For a wood cutting machine/optimizer to be added to your company in the Czech or Slovak Republic, contact

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Cursal: FCNs save time

Our fabulous country is full of small local, one-man businesses, such as Mr Andrea’s; founded in 2011 by passing from father to son. A long history as a sawmill, from the beginning of the 20th century, which then became a producer of packaging with very small heterogeneous batches (~5 m3 per day). One Cursal s.r.l alone was no longer enough, after 3 years we did the encore with the second TVM 500 sawing machine.
Do you also constantly change measurements job after job? Time is precious, save it by using our numerically controlled cut-off machines.
Contact us for more information at

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Cursal: from North to South Italy

What speed!!! Last Friday we returned from the Presila Catanzarese and we are already online! THANKS to LegnoSila Scalzi for this video with  Cursal s.r.l TOM 500.
Legno Sila deals with the production of first sawn timber/packaging; its customers are concentrated in Sicily, Campania, Apulia and Lazio.
Are you a timber company in Calabria? Contact our dealer Meitech.

Cursal: in sync with everyone

Happy Monday everyone!
Another sawmill with a new  Cursal s.r.l? Don’t be surprised!
We are in a company that starts with the cutting of the log and ends with the nailing of the packaging, through an automated system of sawmill machinery and nailing lines.
In this video, our Cursal plant works in perfect synchronisation with Dimec and Cml.
Good work Carlo and Patrizia!

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Cursal: our customers come back

This company chose us, the first time, in 2018.
Since quality machines pay for themselves quickly… why not repeat the purchase in 2022?
We are located in the province of Padua, in a solid industrial reality from Veneto, which deals with the design of special industrial packaging, logistics. 11500 square meters of comfortable and functional area, for the storage of customers’ goods.
Our customer’s motto is “Packaging gives the first positive image of what it contains and of who sent it”

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