Information on the treatment of cookies under and for the effects of art. 13 of the D. Lgs. 196/2003 installed on the website, and its extensions such as: the .it, applicable from 1 June 2015, is regulated in the Privacy code for this related to the telematic information and in particular to the cookies from here onwards called Cookie.

Cursal S.R.L. with registered office in Via Brandolini 38/A-31020 San Fior (TV)-from now on called CURSAL, provides the information of cookies installed on its website and its own extensions for this, all these named « SITE » and shall treat the data conferred by the user/customer agent, through electrical and electronic means, computer or computerized in an automatic and/or manual way, only in order to make possible the delivery of their work and to fulfil the methods of use of their services, products and solutions made to the user/customer agent on the « SITE » in compliance with the law of the Italian Republic in tax matters and respecting privacy.
The processing of personal data will be carried out by CURSAL under Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, No. 196, « Code for the protection of personal data » according to the lawful modalities contained therein and according to good practices of correctness and attentiveness Confidentiality.

COOKIE is a name that identifies a text file in which you can store in an electrical device, electronic computer or multimedia, code strings that are used to give traceability and improve the performance of websites and/or receive Information about the routes that users/customer agents leave when they move within the « SITE ».
For users/Customers agents are intent on those who act, navigate and move interactively within the « SITE ».

Not all COOKIES are permanent, but some are needed to better or faster upload those data that allow a safer, smooth and fast navigation when you intend to use the « SITE » in such a way that you can have a service-receive information Profits-or, have an online support, or other applications that can make more comfortable the exchange of information useful to identify and share data with the user/client Agent for which without which you could not perform the normal Tasks required.
For example, some of them allow the automatic recognition of passwords and/or data entered into modules for contacts and chats, others connect the devices and avoid requiring you to enter the same information several times in the course of a normal recording or browsing activity.
Others, furthermore, keep the password reserved for login and for services rendered as a technical support dedicated to our products, services and online solutions like for example: form, on-line ticket, help desk or video confirmations call and/or more.

With variable COOKIES, you can set up sessions and can be deleted when the browser closes. These, may have a limited duration to allow you to perform momentary online activities because the same can be managed properly and protected during the opening, compiling, sending or other executed by our users/Customers agents, in communication with us.

Third-party COOKIES can be installed from one or more sites that are linked to the search result returned from one or more of these web sites.
To give an example as explanatory and not exhaustive: search engines, thematic portals, social networks, banners, broadcasting systems, blogs, browsers, etc….

CURSAL respects the navigation of users/customers, agents and uses COOKIES only under the terms of the law.

Temporary COOKIES are automatically deleted after you close the user’s session or after a certain period of time.

For permanent COOKIES, we use only those that allow safe browsing and only to ensure efficient navigation that can give the user/customer agent, to register to access the personal account Management of support services according to and pursuant to article 122 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, the use of such COOKIES does not require any consent from the user.

The use of such COOKIES requires the approval by the user agent, who uses the « SITE » and are used to analyze the access and behavior of users who navigate on their « SITE », according to and pursuant to article 122 of the Decree Legislative No. 196/2003.

The use of such COOKIES requires the approval of the user. These permanent COOKIES allow you to share content on social networks or by email and, to create user profiles and send advertisements and other useful content and in line with the preferences manifested by them, while surfing the net.
Pursuant to article 122 of Legislative Decree No 196/2003.

How to change COOKIE settings?
When accessing the home page or any other page on the « SITE », a banner appears. By continuing and accepting navigation on the « SITE », the user/Client Agent provides consent to the use of COOKIES.
You may not accept the use of COOKIES stored on your hard disk disabled by the dedicated section of your browser.

Follow the browser-specific instructions in use:

Internet Explorer



Later on, however, the « SITE » may no longer work properly.

Limits to the transmission and dissemination of personal data.
The data acquired through the COOKIES are managed by employees and collaborators of CURSAL, responsible for the processing of the data.
The companies or professionals to whom the task has been entrusted to carry out technical and organizational operations on our behalf, such as for example as an indication and not exhaustive as Web service providers or other directly connected with our supplies of Services, products and solutions processed, supplied and/or provided by our direct partners and which are expressly charged by CURSAL to the processing of the data.
The list of these companies is constantly updated and can be requested by contacting us at the bottom of the page or by sending an e-mail to the address
The data acquired using COOKIES can be transferred abroad, but they cannot be sold, transmitted or circulated to third parties in any way.

At any time, you may request and obtain cancellation, anonymous processing, copying, updating, rectification, integration and blocking of data processed in violation of article 7 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.
At any time, it is possible to oppose the processing of your personal data for commercial and marketing purposes, as well as to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to the treatment of the same for other purposes.
In order to enforce your legitimate rights, send a written communication to the address at the bottom of the page or an email to

You can find them on

The data controller is Cursal S.R.L. – Via Brandolini 38/a – 31020 San Fior (TV) – ITALY