Cursal, is absolutely, the specialized company who offers the biggest variety of cross cut wood saws/accessories for small, medium and big cut sections.

Cursal projects, builds, and installs, choosing the best materials on the market. Automatic. manual, and accessoried optimizing cross cut saws.

More than 4500 implants in the world.

cursal all over the world

A solution for every need

Unlike traditional offerings, Cursal assumes that, as the needs of each client are different and sometimes very specific, Cursal solutions must be flexibly adapted to satisfy them: Cursal provides you exactly what you need.


Here you will find both standard keys in hand and custom solutions, the result of ongoing collaboration with the best partners in the industry.

cursal automatic optimizing cross -cut saws

At your disposal the fortieth knowledge of real specialists in the field to guarantee you an unbeatable quality-price ratio.

Discover the added value of choosing a Cursal‘s cross-cut saw!