SH Somerscales TRSI

SH Somerscales Ltd owned 3 Cursal cross-cutting lines. It’s a family-run company and provides quality timber for construction and renovation projects in South Yorkshire and throughout the UK. After purchasing the first Cursal booster in 2017, they purchased a second one in 2020. For the sawmill department they opted for the TROA optimizer in line with Italian mechanization.
Cursal sells in the UK through J. J. Smith

of the owner of SH Somerscales, Mr.  Dan Somerscales regarding the purchase of  TRSI:


Mr. Somerscales gave us the following scores:
1) Have you noticed an advantage of the production with the cross cutting saw purchased?     VOTE: 4 of 5
2) Would you choose a Cursal cross cutting saw again?     VOTE: 3 of 5
3) In the case of direct installation, did the Cursal technician live up to your expectations?     VOTE: 4 of 5
4) How do you rate the cost/benefit ratio of a Cursal cross cutting saw?     VOTE: 3 of 5
5) What do you think about the safety level of our machines?      VOTE: 5 of 5
6) What experience have you had with the Cursal staff during sales, after-sales service and spare parts?  VOTE: 5 of 5