Croatia 001 TRV 2200E

The company of our Croatian customer is located in the Podravina region and was founded in 1971. The production covers glued solid panels (annual production approximately 5000 m3), edged boards, profiled strips and briquettes. Since 2010, they have chosen 3 Cursal lines: 1 TRV 1200L series woodcutter, a TRV 2200E optimizer and a panel saw.

Testimony of the owner regarding the purchase of  TRV 2200E:

The owner gave us the following scores:
1) Have you noticed an advantage of the production with the cross cutting saw purchased?     VOTE: 4 of 5
2) Would you choose a Cursal cross cutting saw again?     VOTE: 3 of 5
3) In the case of direct installation, did the Cursal technician live up to your expectations?     VOTE: 4 of 5
4) How do you rate the cost/benefit ratio of a Cursal cross cutting saw?     VOTE: 4 of 5
5) What do you think about the safety level of our machines?      VOTE: 4 of 5
6) What experience have you had with the Cursal staff during sales, after-sales service and spare parts?  VOTE: 4 of 5