Tecnowall TOM 500

Leader in the production of sandwich panels, TecnoWall asked us just one machine to cut the walls of motorhomes. After sending the material to Cursal and having made various cutting tests, we have also become suppliers for the cutting of this material, of which we attach photos. Since 2001 TecnoWall in Tuscany has established itself among the excellences in the production of high-tech sandwich panels of medium and large size and customized.

Testimony of the worker of TecnoWall, Mr.  Alessandro Dani regarding the purchase of  TOM 500:

Mr. Dani gave us the following scores:
1) Have you noticed an advantage of the production with the cross cutting saw purchased?     VOTE: 4 of 5
2) Would you choose a Cursal cross cutting saw again?     VOTE: 4 of 5
3) In the case of direct installation, did the Cursal technician live up to your expectations?     VOTE: 4 of 5
4) How do you rate the cost/benefit ratio of a Cursal cross cutting saw?     VOTE: 3 of 5
5) What do you think about the safety level of our machines?      VOTE: 4 of 5
6) What experience have you had with the Cursal staff during sales, after-sales service and spare parts?  VOTE: 4 of 5