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The holders, are one of the main part of more than half of semi-automatic cross-cut saw lines. They are available with proportionate sizes to the weight and speed of the boards that they have to stop.

All the holders (except the CN ones) are manually positioned on big steel guides, processed and glazed using lines routed metrics as reference. The device which stops the holders is made by clamps, that permits a rapid, safe and with a high precision positioning.


SELECTOR HOLDERS: To manually remove defects and to obtain accurate prismatic sizes on precious woods. It is ideal for the production of windows, parquets, and furnitures, it can be used on TVM 400-500 cross-cut saw.

• MANUAL HOLDERS: Simple and cheap, used with rollers for low frequency works.

ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC HOLDERS: Pneumatic lift—temporized lowering, or with proximity sensor. It can be used in all sectors in which the size of cutted pieces changes not so frequently.

• AUTOMATIC HOLDERS: They are normally controlled by a computer with programmed sequential command / final optimization command sizes for reed organ boards.

Appreciated for the programmed cutting flexibility single boards or in packs with fast and accurate movements:

• NUMERIC CONTROLLED HOLDER: it’s projected in 4 versions, from 75 to 300 Kg. The scrolling is always on recirculating ball guides with 2 auto-oiled. The movements are made by belts, chains or gears, according to the model chosen. The placements are obtained by variable speed engines with accuracy till 1/10 mm (Brushless engines).
– It is irreplaceable when the difference between the sizes to cut is small and when the measures change frequently. It’s simple to use because it has a logical programmation that can be learnt in a couple of minutes.
– It’s practical because, if you simply press one button, the holder goes directly at the correspondent size.
– It’s orderly, because it perfectly counts every single cutted piece ranking it by size, and controlling the quantity.
– All the settings are computerized and can be controlled from the computer.
– The LCD monitor, has more than 10 languages online and industrial internal memories, without backup batteries and HD.

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without prior notice at any time