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We dispose of:

– SCANNER WIDTHS DETECTOR: Normally used to inline the optimizing cross-cut saws (specially after the multi-blades with moving blades) to avoid movements. The automatic scanner is composed by a linear camera, which detects the width (or other dimensions).

– OPTICAL SCANNER: To exploit the cross-cut saws potentiality, the automatic scanners are proper for the quality selection (>15) and the boards dimensions. Cursal’s cross-cut saws, have been specially equipped to inline the optical scanners with other outfits.

– HUMIDITY DETECTOR WITH/WITHOUT CONTACT, CERTIFICATED: in many production processes, the wood used must have a pre-established and insured range of humidity. Cursal integrates in its lines, detectors with and without contact.

Cursal will indicate you the available options

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes without prior notice at any time