Which is the soul of an optimizing cross-cut saw? The optimizer, and that is exactly the advantage of using a Cursal, machine. The powerful CURSAL optimizer allows you to obtain the maximum return, from your wood tables. The 360° optimization, is guaranteed in every productive context, and it can be made by the continuous algorithm optimization development from our specialized Cursal programmers, . Since when? Since 1982, , the year in which the first Italian assembly optimizing cross-cut saw was created. OUR MACHINE CURRENTLY WORKS AT FULL RHYTHM!

SUGGESTION: in this gallery you will find 3 types of optimizers

• If your priority is to process large quantities of boards (one at a time) at maximum speed, visit “BELT TRACTION”
• If the priority is the very high cutting precision (both for single tables and for packs of tables), visit “PUSH FEED SAWS”
• If your environment is the sawmill and you have to handle heavy boards of large sections then visit “ROLLERS TRACTION”