Specialization is an advantage for a company, and in our case, it means to think and build specific solutions from particular requests.

An example of this machines are explained in this section: TRV 1200L and TRV 1600L.
In the solid wood field, there is a big quantity of waste produced by the trims of the multi blades or from the trunk cutters and this is a problem: normally they have to be piled, transported and stored.
Since a lot of years, Cursal has been creating a lot of customized cross-cut saws, that dissects wasted pieces at a predetermined measure, automatically putting them on boxes, or sending them to the grinders.
Our professional lines are built to resist to extreme situations and all pieces are thought to be:
> charged ‘’falling’’ without deteriorating the tapes.
> Piled carelessly (a standard cross-cut saw would normally stop in a few minutes, in the descripted conditions)

The high speed allows to use it in working locations where the core activity consists in the production of firewood.
The cutting machines TRO 400 cut from the upper part and they fit with panels cutting.