We are in 2021, after 29 years, this optimizer is still working. We will tell you more: these cross-cut saws are so robust, so high-performance, that it is still worth fixing them.
This TRVES arrived in Cursal directly from Romania to be reconditioned and to replace the old CNC with a new one.
Yes, you understand: a 2021 Cursal CNC works on a 1992 cross-cut saw.

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Cursal in Ukraine

A trip to Italy, the choice of a Cursal push feed optimizing saw, the return to Ukraine with the aim of enriching their young and ambitious company with a new modern, high-performance machinery. This is Woodexpo, a producer of approximately 660,000 m² of lamellas per year. We are proud to be part of your growth project with our optimizing push feed saw TRSI series to select the best oak wood that we know, you choose yourself.
Special thanks to Юля for helping us with this installation trip.

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Cursal in Romania

When you have up to 72 hours of stay in one state due to current restrictions, installation and training become a race against time. This is the case of our last job in the Cluj-Napoca area, which has just ended. Now a new Cursal is working in Romania!

See our new video
As often happens, in addition to technical reportage, our technicians like to immortalize towns, cities, local streets, this is Cursal too
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Factotum fast and practice, TRV 1200L Ø550 is used in a lot of fields, that produces basically firewood.
The #sawmills that must dispose huge quantities of MULTI-BLADE SHAVINGS, and SIDE OF TRUNKS, discovered on the TRV 1200 the perfect ALLY, to handle all the wastes produced daily changing them in firewood. So, THIS IS THE PROFICT MADE BY THE WASTAGE.
– The shavings and wastes are randomly loaded on the tape.
– A clamping system permits to handle overlapped pieces with different shapes.
– Each small clamp (5 TOTAL SECTORS) has an independent pneumatic cylinder with shock absorbers.
– It cuts by a PLC command with a temporary control cutted size pieces.
Security at the first place:
– Access door to parts in motion, that is protected by safety micro switch with forced opening.
– Unique lead covered key, that cannot be copied on the market.
– Protection tunnel equipped with safety microswitch with lead covered key, against forced removal.
– Blade motor with rapid shutdown (less than 10 sec.).
– Thick casing to protect the blade for total blocking any splinters.
– Drop air lubricator it avoids the nebulization of the oil in breathable air.
For the most exigent: with dedicated accessories it can fully exploit the potentials of the TRV 1200L.
We suggest, in the output, inclined motorized WASTE UNLOAD TAPES – tape COMBINED TRANSFERS with low usury.