We are present in Croatia mainly in sawmills. Our Croatian client is specialized in production of furniture and saw milled wood and started its business in 1950.
He currently has two Cursal cross-cut saws.
The line is composed of a push system cross-cut saw with buffer in discharge and introduction device to the Superset Scm group.
Cursal has realized all the automation in loading / unloading.
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Sunny day, summer temperature, pleasant Swedish customers. The pre-test of this fully automatic Cursal cross-cutting line took place on Tuesday 14th July 2020, and that was the atmosphere that was surrounding us.
This group of Swedish companies produces packaging, and it is precisely in these kind of sector, where labour is very expensive, that investment is made in automation.
So here is a “cost cutting” solution with a vacuum loading system, cross-cut saw with pusher for cutting packages and automatic unloader with clamps, the whole system is totally controlled by Cursal C.N.C.
The system can also have a device to remove the separator sticks as an option, but you don’t find it in this installation.
The pre-test consisted of about 18 minutes of uninterrupted work, it means that we processed a whole stack, here you can see a short video 


April 14th 2020

In compliance with the DPCM of 10-03-20 March 2020
given the regular communications to the prefect of Treviso by PEC given that, as per previous information, we are part of the activities which are considered functional to ensure the continuity of the supply chains of essential services

we communicate that, respecting all current safety regulations, we are regularly operational from 14-04-20 for:

ATECO codes: enabled by the decree of 10 April 2020
Companies with ITALIAN AND FOREIGN SELF-CERTIFICATION: customers with written self-certification who are included within the activities deemed functional to ensure the continuity of the supply chains of essential service activities


April 05th 2020

Following the recent evolution of the epidemiological emergency caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the Prime Ministerial Decree of 01/04/2020 for the containment of the contagion, we continue to work until 13 April 2020 (unless further measures ordered by the Government) in smart working maintaining the assistance service for companies belonging to the authorized Ateco codes or inserted in the authorized supply chain.

We also report that we have also communicated to the prefect of Treviso indicating the Ateco codes of the companies benefiting from our products.


Communication DPCM 22-03-20 March 2020
Closing of working activities ref. Covid-19 emergency

Dear all customers,
We follow the new provisions of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 22/03/2020 and we inform you that Cursal srl is closed from 26/03/2020 until 03/04/2020.
We are not directly included into Annex 1, or the list (including ATECO codes) of the production activities that will not have to be suspended.
As indicated in point 1 paragraph 4, however, activities, which are functional to ensure the continuity of the supply chains of the activities referred to in the annex and essential services, are also permitted.
Having Cursal Srl Pc, CNC, PLC and software for remote assistance, installed on the machines covered by the Ateco codes that must proceed with the activity (see codes
16.24.20 Manufacture of wooden packaging
82.92 Packaging and wrapping activities for third parties
32.99.4 Manufacture of funeral coffins
Within the limits of manageability, concerning telephone, email and remote assistance services, we remain partially active.
The office is partially active in smart working mode, until the end of the closing period with the following contacts: – Mobile + 39 3346755177
Sure of your understanding, we want to wish everyone the quickest return to normality.


Important Update Covid-19
Dear clients/partners,

Due to the recent developments of the Coronvirus outbreak in Italy, we would like to inform you, as follows:
Cursal srl will be diligent in following any developments of this current situation. From the beginning we have taken strict measures to prevent the infection of anyone, and to protect the health of our employees, clients and business partners according to the laws enacted.

The Decree, dated 8 March 2020, states that “urgent measures in terms of containing and handling the COVID 2019 epidemiological emergency” require further procedures and checking systems, however, it WILL NOT, in any way, affect the level of service guaranteed by Cursal Srl or our continued vigilance for public health to be upheld.

The company, however, would like to confirm and reiterate until now, its full operation, we will keep you informed in case of any new measures. Since the situation is constantly evolving, the measures adopted will be gradually modified and adapted to the needs.