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Cursal: our customers’ crosscut saws are always evolving

It’s nice to Google our customer Wood Imballaggi located in Salerno, and see our cross cut saw (Cursal S.r.l. Woodworking Machinery TRSI 500 series) in photos! But are we sure this is still its current appearance?
To find out, let’s look at this photo from February 2022! Our affectionate Mr. Lettieri poses next to our technician Luca, satisfied near this new automatic loader, added to the pusher. No more effort in loading!!

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Cursal: art and wood

“The beauty of wood is unique: unique is the
concentric embroidery of the growth rings, unique is the
warmth…the extraordinary strength and durability of
wood can be appreciated by looking at the entrance to
the Basilica of S. Maria Novella in Florence.” This is
how our new customer defines wood, and we can only
agree. With this sentence we want to remind ourselves
our new installation in Turin. Thank you for choosing
Cursal s.r.l

Cursal: pre-test with our chilean customers

A busy day the 13.12.21 for our sales manager Samuele Curtolo and the technicians, who were busy with our customers who arrived from Chile specifically for the pre-test of their new plant.
The robust cross cutting saw machine with pusher, 12.5 hp motor and 600 mm blade, cuts compact packs of very wet murals, which will then be unloaded automatically to form ready pallets.
The industrial router will allow Cursal to remotely control the plant.
Thanks to our Chilean dealer Molimac Maquinarias for their collaboration.

Cursal: flexibilty and choice

You don’t necessarily have to buy a cross cut saw line all at once. We have all the experience to give our customers maximum flexibility and choice over time. Here’s our work this week before the holidays, at a Cursal s.r.l customer who decided to save time and labour by adding an automatic loader vacuum system to the existing cutting and unloading system (and already very efficient). What do you think, could this be a useful idea for you too?

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Cursal: installation in progress

The number of Cursal s.r.l push feed saws in Italy is increasing every month! In the last week before the holidays, our technician went to Legno in (Brindisi), a company in the windows and doors sector, which decided to optimise its production by purchasing a TRSI 8000 OL, also taking advantage of the 4.0 tax credit. Here he is with the very kind owner, after the installation.

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